Guest Post and Blogroll Guidelines

If you’d like to contribute a guest post, please follow these guidelines: is happy to host occasional guest postings related to pretirement and personal finance. Just follow these guidelines and let’s make it happen!

  1. Spend some time understanding the concepts and goals of this site. Read some back posts. Learn what we’re all about.
  2. Comment on articles that interest you and interact with other commenters. Become part of the community.
  3. Be prepared to relate your topic back to “pretirement.” After all, that’s what we’re here to talk about.
  4. Have something to say. Don’t misuse our site for uninteresting keyword stuffing.
  5. If you haven’t become known to the community or aren’t a personal friend of Pretired Nick, your chances of being published here are slim.

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Want to be on the blogroll?

Awesome! It’d be great to have you! Just follow these easy steps!

  1. Produce awesome content (Yeah, yeah, you’re doing that already!)
  2. Become a part of the community. Comment, interact, have fun!
  3. List on your own blogroll (Hey, fair is fair!)
  4. Drop me a note letting me know you’ve done the above and are ready to get listed!